Home builders are involved in a job that is made up of several individual tasks that need to be strategically laid out in order for a solid foundation to exist that can support a safe home for their next buyer. When building a home the land must be excavated, heavy materials moved, and grounds landscaped to create great curb appeal.  At the heart of any home building firm is their heavy machinery fleet, and since homebuilders know how critical it is to have reliable gear, a large number on the west coast invest in Case construction equipment for homebuilders and report better efficiency. Here are some reasons why residential construction companies buy Case construction equipment to complete their machinery fleet. 

Case Construction Equipment Dealerships are Conveniently Located on the West Coast

One of the main reasons why home builders invest in Case construction equipment is due to the multiple dealership locations all over America. This is advantageous for contractors and site managers because it means that in the event they need speedy repairs, spare parts, or rentals, they don’t don’t have to travel far and thus interrupt the building process. And when it comes time for routine maintenance, your Case construction equipment dealership is within shouting distance.

But why do west coast home builders specifically partner with Case construction? Because finding a Case dealership on the west coast is as easy as finding a Starbucks. For example, Sonsray Machinery is a well-known Case construction equipment dealer with the largest concentration of dealerships on the whole of the west coast. They have Case construction equipment dealerships all over southern California, northern California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. Just this reason in of itself accounts for why so many home builders partner with Case construction equipment–that confidence in having easy access goes a long way. 

Case Construction Equipment Comes Offers the Best Technicians

A 2018 Quora report surveyed 1000 homebuilders to find out what contributed the most to their prosperity, and more than 70 percent said the number one factor was having reliable construction equipment and staff. Case construction equipment is known for having the best technicians in the heavy machinery industry. Bold claim, right? We can back this up: Every single person who initiates routinely scheduled maintenance and repairs is not just a mechanic hired from some trade school; they are all certified Master Technicians–a title that is earned after passing complex exams, and these Master Technicians are only trained on Case construction equipment. With a team of highly trained Master Technicians servicing Case construction equipment, homebuilders can rest assured knowing their backhoes, excavators and dozers will be in pristine running order thereby ensuring projects are on track to be completed, and on time while staying within budget. 

Case Construction Equipment is Rooted in Innovation

Home builders are known for investing in Case construction equipment over any other brand due to the simple fact that the brand is pioneering . In the mid 1940s a water utility company from Massachusetts requested a single piece of construction equipment that could perform the roles of three construction machines. Case stepped up, and created the world’s first backhoe making them a true pioneering force in the industry. Home builders feel confident knowing that the engineering innovation that enables their firm to build high quality custom housing exists in Case construction machinery. And due to the fact that dealerships like Sonsray Machinery, a certified Case dealer, have locations far and wide from California to Washington, savvy west coast home builders always invest in Case construction machinery.