As any business owner, CEO, site director, and leadership team knows, buried oil tanks pose dangerous threats to commercial properties across the state of New Jersey. Unfortunately, not all businesses are aware of this threat, and by the time they discover a catastrophe and seek the services of a commercial oil tank removal NJ company to ameliorate the situation, costly damage can already likely occur. 

This article is intended to help executive decision makers learn how to identify the best oil tank removal NJ company in the Garden State to expertly perform the right services and save companies the pain and financial burden that can strike them without the proper services performed, when they are needed the most. 

  1. Oil Tank Removal NJ Services Under the Same Roof

In 2019, more than 70 percent of commercial properties that had land with a working history dating back to the turn of the century invested in oil tank removal NJ companies to come sweep land for buried oil tanks. Hundreds of oil tank sweep crews detected these hazards, but not all companies were licensed or trained to remove and dispose of leaking oil tanks. 

Back at the turn of the century both residential and commercial properties installed oil tanks in their ground to supply structures with heat and hot water. At the time oil tanks had a 100 year life expectancy. This means that today they are deteriorating at a rapid pace releasing toxins, carcinogenic, and old petroleum into the soil. 

It is critical to have an oil tank removal NJ company that’s capable of performing all the major services under the same roof, This will help you stay within budget, and expedite the process with no room for error. This means your old tank removal NJ company needs to perform oil tank detection, oil tank removal, soil remediation, demolition, LSRP, compliance testing, and any other service necessary and relevant. 

  1. Years in Business

Look for an oil tank removal NJ company that has been in business for at least 20 years. This is a testimony that they do their job well, safely, and within the laws, rules and regulations set by the state and federal government. It also shows they work well with people and have delighted homeowners and businesses for decades. 

  1. Oil Tank Removal NJ Companies Need to be Licensed and Certified

If your oil tank removal NJ company doesn’t have the right certifications or licenses, you could be susceptible to a lawsuit and major fines imposed by the state or government (and even your neighbors). Make sure the oil tank removal company in NJ holds NJ Division of Property Management and Construction, NJ DOT, NJ Public Works Registration, NJ Solid Waste Transporter, NJ DEP (UST), NJ Weights and Measures, NJ Schools Development, NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, NJ Business Registration, and check for any other required certification mandated by the state.

Finally, your oil tank removal NJ company should offer insurance to protect your business from any unforeseen issues that could surface. Hold your oil tank NJ company to these standards, and you will find a credible and capable partner for life!