Numerous polls have ranked San Diego as America’s best city. Why? It gets year-round sunshine, has less traffic that other cities, has more eco-friendly residents, and a hot real estate market. Considering all of these features, solar companies San Diego offers are extremely busy accommodating residents from National City to Carlsbad, and from La Jolla to Hillcrest. This means solar panel companies in San Diego are very competitive, and there are several to choose from. This article is intended to help homeowners learn what qualities to look for in the solar companies San Diego offers to help ensure families get the best cost-saving deal on a new solar system. 

The Best Solar Panel Companies San Diego Offers Will Perform a Free Savings Estimate

You would feel a lot better buying solar panels if you knew exactly how much you stand to save every month, and how long it will take for those savings to pay off the investment of the solar panels. Some solar companies San Diego offers will give you an average forecast report, but only the best ones in the industry give you one that reflects your actual usage. These solar panel companies San Diego residents love the most come to one’s house, inspect the property, check the roof, and analyze the family’s utility bills over the last year to determine consumption. They they make a recommendation on the right solar panel systems based on that data, and are able to let the homeowner know exactly how much they stand to save every month, each year, and how long it will take to pay off the investment cost of solar panels. In fact, in many cases families pay off the cost in as little as three months, especially if they take advantage of rebates and tax credits.

The Best Solar Companies San Diego has Will Offer Amazing Warranties

When it comes to cost-saving steps on buying solar panels, finding solar companies San Diego has with the best warranties is your ticket to ultimate savings. Many people think a five year warranty on the panels is fine, while others think that a 10 year warranty is amazing. But in reality, both of these deals suck. Think about it: according to the average person spends 15 years in their home before upgrading or downgrading. So what good will a five or 10 year warranty do you? When looking for the best solar companies San Diego offers, demand a 25 year warranty (and a few have these). 25 years is more than enough time, and this alone can help boost the resale value of your home because the warranty will roll over to the next person who buys your home.

In addition to a 25 year warranty, make sure more is covered than just the warranty. It should also include performance guarantee, workmanship, racking, the inverter, and your roof.

Imagine if your savings are not anywhere near the number the solar company gave you? This could be a performance issue, and you will want your warranty to cover that. Also, what if the installers damage your roof? It doesn’t rain too often in San Diego, but when it does, it pours. The last thing you need is to find leaks in your roof with expensive repair needs, or even the need to drop 10K on a new roof. If you partner with the best solar companies San Diego has, your warranty will cover that.