If you’re looking for oil tank removal or replacement, here is how our service at Oil Tank Solutions can get that done in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Call-In For an Estimate On Your Oil Tank Removal

The first step in removing your oil tank will be to call in and get an estimate. Once you call, Oil Tanks Solutions will set up an appointment with you to check the status of your situation so they can figure out the necessary steps to take. A tech will come to your property so they can take pictures of your tank as well as take measurements to figure out the size and amount of oil that is in your tank. Once this step is complete, they can provide estimates for removal. 

Step 2: Provide Contract and Acquire Deposit

Once the initial information is gathered to get an estimate, Oil Tank Solutions will then write up a removal contract for your oil tank. This contract will outline an estimate of how long the removal process will take as well as the costs associated with your removal. This contract will need to be signed, and once that is complete, the deposit on the removal will need to be paid. After these steps are done, Oil Tank Solutions will be ready to start removing your oil tank.

Step 3: Permits and Utility Markouts

Paperwork will need to be filled out and filed with your local municipalities so they can provide a permit for the removal of the oil tank. Oil tank solutions will take care of all paperwork necessary, and they will also contact the “Call Before You Dig” line so the utility companies can come mark where any underground utilities are located. 

Step 4: Scheduling and Completion of Work

Once step 3 is complete, Oil Tank Solutions will get with the town inspector to schedule the removal of your oil tank. Once the extraction is complete, the inspector will determine if there were any oil leaks during the removal. After the check, the excavation site will be filled, and grass and hay will be put down over it, and the oil tank will be taken. If there were any leaks, then Oil Tank Solutions will provide you a separate estimate for soil remediation. 

Step 5: Payment and Paperwork

The final step in removing your oil tank is the issue of closeout documents that Oil Tank Solutions will provide. They will issue you a certificate for you to keep in your records that prove that the oil tank was removed correctly and that the township has inspected and approved the area. 

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